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Product Introduce

An Audio&Voice Interactive Social Club App
OnMic is a real-time audio&voice interactive social club application.
Everyone can start a room and talk opinions. In the new social scene created by OnMic, you can be the host of the clubhouse, or the guests on mic, or you can be the audience listening to the discussion. You can share your lifestyle, your social life by talking in a variety of rooms and clubhouses.
OnMic gives you the chance to share social suggestions based on the fields you are interested in, and helps you meet potential friends, get closer with each other, and gain social interaction pleasure.
Reviews from users:
● What a great way to connect and talk to others! Never thought I would find my best friend in a social app, thanks OnMic!
● You can chat about your life, or you can join a round-table lecture. OnMic perfectly took up my free time and satisfied my desire to speak.
● The best part is that while I’m working I can listen to discussions and still get my work done. It’s really rare to have such a free and equal platform.
● OnMic opened up a new world for me, I was introverted and reluctant to talk before, but I find myself talkative in OnMic, that’s so amazing! suggestions to improve your relationships.
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About us

ONMIC INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED was started in 2021. Our aim is to build easier mobile life with tech.

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Company address: 1 Fusionopolis Place #10-10 Singapore
Telephone number: 006583440690
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